Ferrara Residency Screenings

04/11/2017,  h 18.00 - 23.00

Deptford Cinema, London

Una serata di proiezioni di alcuni degli artisti di Ferrara Residency organizzata in in collaborazione con sixtyseven collective.


From 6.30 pm, we will screen films by Henry Bradley, Joe Campbell, Athene Greig & Sandi Hudson-Francis, George Jepson, Josefina Malmegård, Karolina Mikeskova and Lucie Kordacova and we will host a sound performance by Aleks Horsfield. The program will consist of a mixture between recent works that were developed during the residency and previous works. 

image: George Jepson; Either Native, or Naturalized; 2017

Evening Program:


6.30 pm Sandi Hudson-Francis and Athene Greig, "Every Day, Now", 2017 (7 mins)

Sandi Hudson-Francis and Athene Greig, "Finding Our Faces", 2017 (2 mins)

George Jepson, "Either Native, or Naturalised", 2017, (5 mins)

Joe Campbell & Oscar Oldershaw, "Sulphur Spring", 2016, (3 mins) 

Josefina Malmegård, "The Turning Behaviour", 2017, (7 mins)

BREAK7.30 pm


Henry Bradley, "GLOSSOLALIA", 2017 (54 mins)




Upstairs (on loop)

Cherche Encore, Lucie Kordacova & Adriana Kytkova, "Too Scared performance film", 2017, (4 mins)

Lucie Kordacova & Karolina Mikeskova, "Meet Us at The Yard - Ilturco", 2017 (4 mins) 


9.30 pm (upstairs)

Aleks Horsfield, The Need to Care, Sound Performance (20 mins) 


Ferrara, 44121, Italy

C.F. 93093760382

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