A bath of self-esteem

27 Sep - 4 Oct 2017 @ Galleria del Carbone and Gate/Porta, Ferrara

The exhibition "A bath of self-esteem" is the culmination of Ferrara Residency 2017, a one-month residency program for a group of international artists, and consists of one exhibition split in between two art venues in Ferrara: Galleria del Carbone and Gate/Porta.

exhibition poster, image credits: Karolina Mikeskova, 2018.

The theme of the first edition of Ferrara Residency, “Who Cares?”, originates from reflections on the role of artists and curators in today’s society, functioning within an art system that reproduces itself through increasing quantities of low-paid or unpaid work, which demands constant flexibility and is pervaded by an increasing sense of precarity. Within this context, what does it mean to curate an artistic project and on how to do so, precisely, “with care”?


Our aim has been to reflect on the conditions of creative research and work, which requires high emotional involvement and continuous attention and care towards the project and the people and communities involved in it. Throughout the residency program, we have thought together through themes such as intimacy, work, slowness, vulnerability, anxiety, and on the importance of processes of collaboration and modalities of working together.


In Galleria del Carbone we will present different forms of process based works which the artists have engaged in during the residency. Throughout, we have hosted various public and private events in Studio Carmelino: reading groups, an open projector night, discussions with local art and political practitioners, as well as building a residency library. The library which has been the starting point for our discussions, will be exhibited within the gallery space and activated through the program of events, together with art works made during the residency.


Branching off from the research-based display in Galleria del Carbone, Gate/Porta will for three days host installations and a program of ephemeral, performative works. In response to the specificity of Gate/ Porta, the artists will present works which have been influenced by the socio-political and historical context of the city of Ferrara.


The artists were invited to participate in Ferrara Residency without the requirement to deliver a finished product, and the works on show will include work-in-progress and unfinished works. This is due to the way in which we have responded to this year’s theme “Who Cares?” as a form of deceleration and care-taking within the context of art making and personal relationships.


Due to the structure of Ferrara Residency 2017, the program of activities in Galleria del Carbone will be created during the exhibition period, in a manner similar to the way in which we worked during the residency.


Participants: Henry Bradley, Joe Campbell, Irena Czepcova, Marianna Feher, Josefina Malmegård, Karolina Mikeskova, Bridie Gane, Athene Greig, Sandi Hudson-Francis, George Jepson, Lucie Kordacova, Tom Savery.

library space as part of the exhibition @ Galleria del Carbone 2018.


Ferrara, 44121, Italy

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